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  • Honey - Extraction of Honey nourish delicate, silky touch, skin care, moisturizing, make skin smooth and tender, moist and plum.
  • Olive - Contains rich olive nourishing ingredients, add water to the skin, storing moisture, make skin soft and shiny, snow white transparent
  • Pomegranate - Rod pomegranate essence contains rich, thin and smooth, gentle and moist skin, make skin elastic gelatin smooth, delicate and tendor.
  • Aloe Vera - Aloe polysaccharides and vitamins on the human skin with good nutrition, moisture, brightens the effect of the tree.
  • Cucumber - Cucumber contains effective ingredients that make your skin clear and vital with natural moisture.
  • Blueberry - as the "Golden Berries" Contains rich blueberry lactic acid component and rich in vitamins, beautiful skin.
  • Help improve skin dryness and water
  • Make skin moist and delicate
  • Helps improve dryness
  • Enhance skin gloss
  • Light and smooth
  • Help improve fine lines
Specifications Descriptions
Product Type: Velvet elegant sleeveless evening dress
Material: Polyester / Spandex
Lining Material: Polyester
Fabric Type: Fleece
Technics: Plain dyed
Decoration: Sequins
Size: S/M/L

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Very Good Product

Alex Dec 02, 2021

I like this product, and quality is very good too


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